Well, the domain refers to the genre of fiction novels known as cyberpunk literature, originated in the 80s and 90s of the last century, usually centered around a pessimistic, dystopian view of the future. Well known artifacts of the genre include "Neuromancer (William Gibson)", "Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson)" and "Do androids dream of electric sheep (Phillip K. Dick)", novels which lead to movies like Bladerunner or to the Matrix series (a very late example).

The term zombietown specifically originates in the so called Shadowrun-Series of books, depicting the wonderful city of Wuppertal in Germany as the "Zombie Town". Since I happened to work and live in Wuppertal for some years in the late 90s, it seemed to be an appropriate domain to register in 1999 for mainly emailing purposes at that time.

So, I am sorry - no direct link to horror, gore or splatter references. :)

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